HOLIDAYS! Finally there here!!! The first day of the holidays some of my friends and myself had planned to go to the movies to see the new One Direction movie called “This Is Us”. When the time came to go into the theatre, my friends, Maddi, Eve and myself ran to the door to hand in our tickets and skipped at least 5 stairs so we could get the best seats! After a very intense 15 minutes the movie started and we were all so excited when one of the band members (Niall Horan), started speaking… We knew that was the time, the time for One Direction!

Also in the holidays , I went to Melbourne for the Grand Final parade (Football). While we were in Melbourne, we headed off to the Regent Theatre and saw the production ‘King Kong’. It was absolutely AMAZING!!!! The stage layout was incredible, and the monkey itself was unbelievably HUGE!!! I was really excited to go and see it!!

I didn’t really do much for the rest of the holidays! I just caught up on some homework and hung around with a couple of friends.


Drama Reflection!

1. What is neutral stance? Feet= hip with apart

                                               Weight= down the middle

                                               Hands= by your side

                                               Stand= up straight

2. Why is the body important to Actors?

The body is important ot actors because it shows all their emotions and it’s pretty much the main tool!

3. What did you enjoy about today’s activities? I enjoyed ALL of today’s activities! I LOVE presenting them to everyone!!

4. What did you find challenging/not enjoying? I didn’t really find anything challenging! It was SO fun!! 😉

Drama Reflection

How did your group use exaggeration in your scene?

Sarah, Teri-Lynn and I used exaggeration in our performance by making drastic movements around the stage and projecting our voices through our audience.

Drama reflection 29-5-13

What is a tableaux? A talbleaux is a frozen image.

What is exaggeration? Exaggeration is over doing the most samllest thing.

What are four things actors can exaggerate? Their voice, facial expressions, movement and guestures.

You had to create a t.v. ad in groups…

-What product did you advertise? We advertised Charlies Angles Security system.

-What was your catchphrase? “Go get em’ girls”.

What did you exaggerate? We exaggerated our movement.

Term 1 at Warrnambool College!

Secondary school has been a great experience! I have met a lot of new people and the teachers are fantastic! And my class is the best class ever!! I’m so glad I am with most of my friends. The homework is very continuous. And believe me, we get a lot!

At Warrnambool College, we have 6 houses. Houses are like sports groups. In the teams they have a certain colour. The house teams are; Belfast (which is my team, is Green), Hopkins (Blue), Logans (Purple) Flagstaff (Red), Merri (Orange) and Childers (Yellow)

We also have tute groups. A tute group is a class that is at the start of the day and goes for 10 minutes. We also have extended tute. This goes for 30 minutes. In the class you don’t just have year seven’s, you’ve got 8’s, 9’s, 10’s, 11’s and 12’s. My tute group is very quiet. But later on when we get to know each other, I think we will have a very chatty tute group.

This year, there are lots of subjects that we have to study. Such as; P.E, Cooking, French, iLearn, English Maths and SOSE.

We also have a 5A system. The 5A system is a system where if a student is good, then they get rewarded with a stamp. When you get to a curtain amount of stamps, you get a reward. The rewards are;

50 points= House pen, 75 points= highlighter, 100 points= water bottle, 150 points= lanyard, 200 points= canteen voucher, 300 points= house USB/celebration activity and 500 points= gold 5A award.

About two weeks in to secondary school, all the year sevens got offered to go to camp Coorimungle for a day trip. There were 3 activities included: the giant swing, the high ropes course and the rock-climbing wall. I participated in all the events. I’m very glad I went! It was so worth it!